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Family Law Lawyers provide legal counsel for clients dealing with family-related issues, such as divorce and child custody. They also draft important documents, like property agreements and court petitions.

Among the most contentious issues in any divorce is spousal support. In this case, family lawyers work to present evidence of all the factors that a court should consider before arriving at a just amount.


Divorces are a major life transition and often a time of intense emotional stress. Having skilled legal counsel in your corner helps shift those feelings into rationality, objectivity, and confidence.

A knowledgeable lawyer can help you navigate the maze of paperwork, process, and deadlines in your state’s legal system. They can also bring in experts to help assess the value of assets, business, and family wealth.

The separation of marital property is a critical part of the divorce process. Each state’s marital property ownership system determines who gets what during a divorce.

Child Custody

Custody disputes are among the most complex and emotionally charged of all family law matters. This is because these cases determine the future of the children involved.

When a divorced or separated couple cannot agree on custody issues, a judge is usually the final decision-maker. He or she will make a custody ruling based solely on the best interests of the child.

In contested situations, courts may also appoint a special attorney for the child. The court often appoints an Attorney for the Child in situations where one or both parents are accused of abuse or neglect of the children, or when there are underlying allegations of alcohol or substance abuse.

An experienced Manhattan Family Law Lawyer can help you to achieve a custody and visitation agreement that is in your child’s best interests. They will advocate for you, protect your rights and fight for the outcome you deserve.

Child Support

If you are in a child support dispute, your family law lawyer can help. They can explain the rules and guidelines, advise you of your rights and options and guide you through all aspects of the process.

The first step in determining child support is to determine the gross income of the parents. This includes their salaries, bonuses, investments, and employee benefits.

After that, the court calculates the percentage of their combined income that each parent is responsible for. The percentage amount is called the “basic child support obligation.”

In addition, the non-custodial parent’s share of medical and educational expenses may also be considered. These expenses can include unreimbursed medical insurance premiums, copays, doctor’s visits, dental and eye care, school supplies, tutoring services, nannies, babysitters and more.

Modifications of Custody and Support Orders

When a person is beholden to a family court order, such as child custody or support, it is possible to seek a modification of that order. This is often done when a parent’s income drops, a parent has a medical emergency, or a parent experiences a temporary financial hardship.

This can be done by submitting paperwork to the appropriate court and providing evidence that shows a substantial change in circumstances. This can include a loss of employment, or a decrease in gross income.

This is usually a very time-consuming process and should be handled by a skilled Glen Burnie Family Law Lawyer. They will help you prepare the best argument possible, present your case at a hearing, and secure the results you need.


Adoptions are a common way to bring in new members to existing families. If you are considering adopting, it is a good idea to consult with a family law attorney.

The legal ramifications of adoption can be complex, and a lawyer can help you avoid making errors that could jeopardize your case.

Aside from drafting an Affidavit Disclosing Care and Custody to the court, an adoption lawyer can also assist with home studies and other screening procedures.

The process can also involve post-adoption contact agreements between birth parents and adoptive parents. If you have concerns about how your child’s adoptive parents will handle future contact, a family law attorney can assist with drafting a good faith agreement that sets forth the expectations of both parties.

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